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As an angel investor, my passion lies in energizing this space, guiding others to join and thrive in angel investing. It’s a path that transcends personal profit; it’s about building a community of knowledge-sharing that benefits everyone. The rise of angel investors in China’s competitive landscape is a positive sign of a vibrant economy ripe with opportunity.

With six years of deep involvement, I’m keen to share my insights to help newcomers navigate more smoothly. Success in investing is about sharing wisdom and mastering the subtleties gained through experience. 

I’m writing a book to illuminate the complex world of angel investing, infusing life philosophy with practical advice, inspired by the belief that our thoughts shape our destinies. My goal is to mold characters and fates, offering investment insights that elevate beyond mere monetary gain and enrich lives.


Customized GPT

Welcome to Outlier Investor, a tailor-made GPT designed to be your AI guide in entrepreneurship, startups, and fundraising, inspired by Leo Wang's angel investment strategies. This AI draws exclusively from the insights of "Outlier Investor," available in both English and Chinese. It's dedicated to providing precise answers based on the book's content. Dive deep into the world of entrepreneurial success and investment strategies, all through the lens of Leo's expert knowledge.

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The Essence of an Angel Investor's Thought


蔡文胜 Mike Cai is the Chairman of Meitu Technology, a company listed in Hong Kong known for its popular image-editing apps, and is a prominent angel investor in China with a keen eye for potential in the tech industry.

Entrepreneurship is the most powerful tide of this era. With the implementation of the "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" policy, the investment field has entered a rapid development stage, bringing forth many young investors like Wang Lijie, who is full of vigor, ideas, and willing to contribute to innovation and entrepreneurship. In the angel investment community, Lijie is truly an "outlier." His entry into the investment world was unconventional, risking his entire net worth on a startup without any prior knowledge; his initial investment amounts were atypical, starting with just 100,000 yuan when most would consider millions; his investment strategy, akin to rapid-fire, involves small amounts but many projects, providing more in the way of networking resources than just capital. I have always believed that successful angel investors must have three qualities: entrepreneurial experience with success to assist entrepreneurs, strong connections to help entrepreneurs meet partners and channels, and foresight and judgment of the industry. Lijie not only embodies these qualities but also demonstrates exceptional diligence and effort, which is why I am willing to support his endeavors. Angel investing may seem distant from ordinary life, but it's not. Many people have invested, even if just in stocks. The errors we see in stock investing, driven by lack of foresight and succumbing to human weaknesses like fear and greed, highlight the need for continual learning and cognitive enhancement to become a more mature, successful investor. Therefore, I am pleased to see Lijie, amidst his busy schedule, taking the time to write and share his investment philosophy in "Outlier Investor." This book distills years of experience in the investment field and will undoubtedly inspire those in or aspiring to enter the investment industry, as well as provoke deeper reflection. Moreover, this book is also suitable for entrepreneurs or those contemplating it. My advice: don't rush into entrepreneurship without understanding what it entails and what it will bring you. If you decide to embark on this lonely journey, find an investor who trusts, supports, and is willing to accompany you. If not yet found, perhaps start with this book—it might just be of help.


"Outlier Investor" has received  endorsements from multiple distinguished angel investors across China.


杨向阳 Yang Xiangyang, the former Global Chairman of the Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC) and Chairman of Resources Investment, is a renowned angel investor in China, known for his extensive experience and contributions to the high-tech sector, especially in biomedicine and information technology.


徐小平 Bob Xu is a co-founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, a highly respected investor in China, the founding partner of ZhenFund, and is often referred to as the "Godfather of Chinese Angel Investing" for his pioneering role and significant contributions to the angel investment landscape in China.


雷军 Lei Jun is the Chairman of Xiaomi Technology and the founder of Kingsoft Corporation. He is recognized as a renowned angel investor in China, having contributed to the rise of several significant tech startups within the country.


​李开复 Kai-Fu Lee is a distinguished technologist and entrepreneur, best known for his role as the founding president of Google China. He is the founder of Sinovation Ventures, an influential venture capital firm focused on Chinese technology startups, especially in artificial intelligence. Lee is highly regarded for his insights into the tech industry and as a mentor and supporter of innovation in the tech ecosystem.


李竹 Li Zhu, the founding partner of Innoangel Fund, also serves as the inaugural Chairman of the Tsinghua Alumni Association TMT Committee, the Honorary Chairman of Angel Union, and the Honorary President of the Zhongguancun Angel Investment Alliance, making significant contributions to China's entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem.

Little Angels, Big Dreams


海泉 Haiquan is a renowned Chinese musician and member of the duo Yu Quan who successfully ventured into the business world as an angel investor, founding the Haiquan Fund to support early-stage innovative startups.

I'm Haiquan, a music producer and also a cross-border investor. My venture into angel investing was driven by curiosity about the future and the belief that entrepreneurial investment is a hand reaching out to tomorrow, joining entrepreneurs in their thrilling "life bets" to help bring brilliant ideas to life and participate in shaping the future. Despite starting from scratch, I chose to take a chance in this new field. Over the years, I've met industry giants like Kai-Fu Lee and Bob Xu , and newcomers like Lijie Wang, who are pushing boundaries in the investment world. Lijie and I are both outliers in investment. Lijie's unique investment approach—small investments with large resources—and my background as a musician make us stand out, especially when I was starting out. When outliers meet, there's a mutual understanding. I believe that a newcomer in investment must have their own secrets to success. Mine are: maintaining humility, continuous learning, valuing resource integration, and effective time management. Meeting Lijie and becoming friends, I found these are also what drive his rapid investment success. Lijie is curious and passionate about the future. To satisfy his curiosity, he reads widely, expanding and upgrading his knowledge, not only in investment but also in universe development, biological evolution, sociology, and human nature. He integrates seemingly unrelated knowledge to form his unique investment philosophy, the Outlier Investor. Entering the investment field isn't about having funds, but having resources. With resources, one can meet more entrepreneurs and access better projects; having the ability to contribute more than just funds gives one stronger bargaining power in negotiations for more reasonable valuations. Before investing, Lijie spent years in the mobile internet field, founding the "Mobile 2.0 Forum" through his ability to accumulate and maximize resource integration. His investment style post-entering the field perfectly illustrates the importance of integrating resources. Angel investing sounds glamorous but is a tough and grueling job involving pre-investment decision-making, negotiations, and meticulous post-investment management. Especially post-investment, the more you invest, the greater the responsibility and pressure. Often, trying to handle everything can be overwhelming and stressful. However, Lijie managed to invest in over 300 mobile internet companies within a few years, not only nurturing star enterprises like Ehang drones, Hesai, Medlinker, Westwell, Dobot, Shouqianba, and SuperMonkey but also finding time to read, exercise, and even write the book "Outlier Investor." His energy, self-discipline, and time management skills are truly admirable. Lijie is not only a diligent angel investor but also an excellent mentor for those new to angel investing. One of his dreams has always been to evangelize the field of angel investing. Writing this book and sharing his investment philosophy without reservation is just the first step toward realizing this dream. Wishing my like-minded comrade his dream come true!

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