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Chairman of Resources Investment

杨向阳 Yang Xiangyang (Dayang), the former Global Chairman of the Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC) and Chairman of Resources Investment, is a renowned angel investor in China, known for his extensive experience and contributions to the high-tech sector, especially in biomedicine and information technology.


Mike Cai

Chairman of Meitu

蔡文胜 Mike Cai is the Chairman of Meitu Technology, a company listed in Hong Kong known for its popular image-editing apps, and is a prominent angel investor in China with a keen eye for potential in the tech industry.


Zhu Li

Founder of InnoAngel Fund

李竹 Li Zhu, the founding partner of Innoangel Fund, also serves as the inaugural Chairman of the Tsinghua Alumni Association TMT Committee, the Honorary Chairman of Angel Union, and the Honorary President of the Zhongguancun Angel Investment Alliance, making significant contributions to China's entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem.


Wei Li

Founder of Green Pine Capital

厉伟 Li Wei, a Peking University alumnus with a Bachelor's, Master's in Economics, and an EMBA, is the founding partner of Green Pine Capital and chairs its growth and care foundations. He's also served as a professor at Peking University's HSBC Business School and as chairman of a Sino-HK venture investment firm.


Bin Wu

Founder of Daocin Capital

吴彬 Wu Bin, an early internet entrepreneur, co-founded VIPshop (NYSE: VIPS) and established companies like Hangzhou Colorful and Silkrib Sleep Technology. He launched Daocin Capital in 2015, specializing in early-stage investments. Recognized as a leading angel investor, Wu Bin ranks among the top 100 investors in China's investment community.

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