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杨向阳 Yang Xiangyang (Dayang), the former Global Chairman of the Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC) and Chairman of Resources Investment, is a renowned angel investor in China, known for his extensive experience and contributions to the high-tech sector, especially in biomedicine and information technology.


Veteran Investor and Entrepreneur, Yang Xiangyang Redefines Investment in Biotech


Yang Xiangyang, founder, and chairman of Yuanzheng Investment and president of Shenzhen Yuanxing Biopharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., is making waves in the realm of biotech investment. With over 30 years of entrepreneurial and angel investment experience, Yang is regarded as one of China's earliest angel investors, strengthening his position with his keen eye on health and IT startups. 


Founded by Yang in June 1994, Shenzhen Yuanzheng Investment Development Co., Ltd. is dedicated to investing and managing innovative projects in the hi-tech sector. Among their extensive portfolio, the company includes key sectors like biopharmaceuticals, digital healthcare, internet, education software, mobile wireless application, power electronic equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, film and TV culture, and other emerging domains.


Yang's investment direction in biomedicine has always been strategic, shifting from having a mere fascination with biomedicine to ultimately narrowing down his focus to three primary directions - gene therapy, immunotherapy, and stem cell treatment. His vision of investing in multiple projects simultaneously stems from recognizing the high-risk nature of the industry where long cycles of development and numerous uncertainties exist.


Having navigated his career from teaching at Shenzhen University post his graduation from Tsinghua University, to starting his own venture, Yang's significant contributions to the technological sector aren't lost in the industry circles. With a repertoire of successes like Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., world's largest heparin sodium raw material drug manufacturer Hipray, world-leading stem cell clinical treatment research Beike Biotech, and leading third-generation online gaming company Qilin Games to his credit, Yang is a force to reckon with.


Yang's reputation as the 'super nanny' comes from his unique investment style that goes beyond just investing money. By providing resource and network support to his investment projects, Yang strives to blanket his investments with all-round protective care, as both an angel and a nanny.


Having invested in over a dozen high-tech companies in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, health care, and information technology, Yang's role in transforming China's biopharmaceutical industry cannot be overstated. As an entrepreneur and investor who has seen the industry evolve over two decades, Yang's path offers precious insights into the ever-dynamic world of high-tech investment.

Resource Investment Group


Founded in 1994, Resources Investment Group is dedicated to investing in, incubating, and developing innovative technology sectors. The company has supported over a hundred tech enterprises and projects across biomedicine, the internet, new energy, new materials, intelligent display, cultural education, and e-commerce. They focus on projects with core competitiveness worldwide, such as gene therapy, stem cell and cell immunotherapy, with significant investments in Hepalink, Beike Biotech, HRYZ BiotechAppotronicsAmbilight, Royole, UW Laser and Westwell Tech. In Shenzhen's Silicon Valley, they've established about 170,000 square meters of innovation space with Resources Technology Building and Resources Venture Building, attracting global talent and investment to shape the future of technology.

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