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Leo Wang

Founder of PreAngel

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Leo Wang is recognized as the trailblazer behind the PreAngel investment model. He founded PreAngel in 2011, leveraging the extensive network and social capital he amassed during his four-year tenure at the Mobile2.0 Forum. Leo Wang embarked on his professional journey at Huawei in 2001, following his graduation from Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications.


Huan Li

Partner of PreAngel

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Huan, a Venture Partner at Plug and Play Tech Center, specializes in AI startups and holds titles as a Microsoft Regional Director and Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning. He founded two tech startups, later acquired, and was the Chief Scientist at A tech author and mentor, he develops open-source projects and enjoys coding, paragliding, and salsa in his leisure time.

Huan independently runs, an affiliate of PreAngel Group. Explore his portfolio HERE.

Wei Hu

Partner of PreAngel

Hu Wei, with a decade at China Mobile, developed their initial OA system and various OSS/BSS and ERP systems. He's a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor with three successful company exits. Co-founder of Hangzhou Fudi Startup Park and Triton Tech, and a partner at Ten Dimension Capital, he oversees investments in almost 70 projects, with notable companies like Tengbao and Sixth Sense Villas in his portfolio.


Jun Zhang

Partner of PreAngel

Zhang Jun, a partner at PA since 2012 and co-founder of Ten Dimension Capital, manages over 120 startups and assets exceeding 600 million RMB. His diverse entrepreneurial background spans from trade to manufacturing, with a mix of triumphs and failures. Committed to innovation across sectors, he sees tech as a catalyst for transforming industries and enhancing life. An early blockchain investor, his portfolio includes NEO, ETP, and other notable ventures like Xijin and Power Square.

Hao Gu

Venture Partner of PreAngel

Gu Hao oversees two funds totaling nearly one billion RMB, targeting early AI and big data startups, with a portfolio including Medlinker and EHang Intelligent, achieving substantial returns. With a rich TMT background and success at Galileo Capital, he's known for strategic support of entrepreneurs and significant value creation in the startup ecosystem.

Gu Hao is also known for his work with PreAngel from 2013 to 2016, where he further honed his expertise in nurturing startup ecosystems. His approach is characterized by a dedication to advancing in tandem with the entrepreneurs he supports.

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