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Wei Li

厉伟 Li Wei, a Peking University alumnus with a Bachelor's, Master's in Economics, and an EMBA, is the founding partner of Green Pine Capital and chairs its growth and care foundations. He's also served as a professor at Peking University's HSBC Business School and as chairman of a Sino-HK venture investment firm.


Li Wei, born in 1963, is a distinguished personality in the Chinese investment industry, being a co-founder of the lucrative Songhe Capital. Alongside his partner, Luo Fei, the duo has fostered a core team boasting over two-decade experience in tech investment, having witnessed the growth and evolution of technology in China. 


Songhe Capital was initiated by Li Wei and Luo Fei in 1997. The venture capital firm emphasizes early phase and growth period investments and is dedicated to establishing a globally influential technology investment organization. Songhe Capital's investment focus spans across digital technology, precision medicine, and innovative materials.


Li Wei, an esteemed alumnus of Peking University, holds various prestigious academic qualifications including a Bachelor degree, a Master's in Economics, and an EMBA degree from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University. Beyond being one of the founding partners of Songhe Capital, Li is also the managing partner of Songhe Growth Fund and chairman of Songhe Growth Care Foundation.


Li Wei also holds a decorated professional portfolio in the education industry, having served as an Honorary Professor of Hong Kong College, Peking University, and chairman of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Industry University Research Entrepreneurship Investment Co., Ltd.


Throughout his career, Li Wei has demonstrated a keen eye in recognizing transformative technologies and nurturing them to their full potential. He has consistently emphasized the importance of investing in trends, middle-class needs, and entrepreneurs. According to Li, investing in a large-scale tech movement is significantly more crucial than investing in individual projects.


Li's insightful philosophy of investment is indeed a manifestation of his vast experience, particularly in leading several successful investments and equity management projects. Some of the high-profile enterprises affiliated with Songhe Capital include SenseTime (00020.HK), BGI Genomics (300676), and Kaitai Pharma (09939.HK).


As an esteemed figure in the investment industry, Li Wei's contributions haven't gone unnoticed. He ranked 38th in the "2020 Forbes China Best Entrepreneur TOP100." In 2021, Li won the Entrepreneur & iBlack Horse 2021 Annual Investor Award.


Despite being faced with challenges and obstacles, Li Wei firmly believes in the power of collective effort and unity. His leadership has guided Songhe Capital in navigating the stormy seas of economic recessions and public health crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Songhe Capital stands as a testament to the nation's resilience and commitment to technological advancement.

Green Pine Capital

Green Pine Capital Partners (GPCP) was founded in 1997 by Mr. Li Wei and Mr. Luo Fei. The firm’s core investment team has over 20 years of experience in technology investment. GPCP has rich practical experience in venture investment, specializing in innovative technologies and focusing on platform building. Deep tech investment has always been the gene of GPCP. GPCP has been consistently focusing on Strategic Emerging Industries including Artificial Intelligence, Smart Manufacturing, Precision Medicine, New Materials and New Energy. GPCP is the angel investor of companies including BGI Group, Royole Corporation, KuangChi Science, Appotronics, BMF Material Technology, Shenzhen Dynanonic and Radi-Cool. GPCP is headquartered in Shenzhen and has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. 


GPCP is among the venture capital firms that benefit from China’s transformation into an innovation-driven economy. At GPCP, we partner with industry disrupters and innovative entrepreneurs to discover future champions through our professional capabilities and global network. We appreciate the trust and support from entrepreneurs and investors, and hope that entrepreneurs invested by us can contribute more to the country. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs make their dreams come true, help investors receive satisfactory returns, and simultaneously achieve our continuous growth and development.

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