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Welcome to PreAngel Fund, a pioneering force in China's angel investment landscape since 2011. As one of the first institutional angel funds in the country, we specialize in early-stage investments, ranging from $20,000 to $1 Million. Our dynamic portfolio, which includes NASDAQ-listed companies like Hesai and Ehang, also features multiple unicorns such as Dobot, Westwell, Medlinker, Wosai and SuperMonkey. We're proud to have nurtured and successfully exited investments in other unicorn enterprises like Petkit, Unicareer, and Leadrive. With a focus on diverse sectors such as aviation, autonomous driving, healthcare, fintech, blockchain, and more, PreAngel, founded by industry veteran Leo Wang, is committed to democratizing angel investing and fostering groundbreaking innovation across the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Leo Wang, the founding partner of PreAngel Fund, stands out in China's angel investment scene. With over two decades in mobile internet and tech, he's skilled in investing across fintech, aviation, healthcare, AI, and blockchain. Starting his tech journey at Huawei after graduating from Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Leo's forward-thinking and strategic insight have led him to invest in 300 startups, yielding significant successes in NASDAQ-listed companies and unicorns. Renowned for his trailblazing work in Mobile Internet and Blockchain in China, his career highlights his deep dedication to fostering innovation and shaping the tech and entrepreneurship landscape.



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PreAngel Insight, a tailor-made ChatGPT, is crafted to address inquiries about the PreAngel Fund. It employs a specialized knowledge base and content from selected websites to formulate responses as if they were directly from Leo Wang.

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