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Intelligent Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Electric Unmanned Helicopters, Military and Tactical Applications, Global Deployment, Advanced Technology Integration, Civilian Sector Utilization

Ziyan is a prominent player in the global market as an innovator and manufacturer of intelligent unmanned aircraft systems. Notably, Ziyan pioneered the world's first compact electric-powered unmanned helicopter systems, known for their payload integration and comprehensive aerial solutions.

Since 2017, Ziyan has specialized in adapting these electric unmanned helicopters for military tactical uses. In a significant demonstration for the Chinese Army in September 2019, Ziyan showcased their advanced unmanned systems. By the end of 2021, these helicopters have been extensively deployed by armed forces worldwide, including naval and air forces, for a variety of operations such as tactical strikes, defense of strategic points, transport of critical supplies, counter-terrorism, border surveillance, and more.

Domestically, Ziyan's unmanned systems are instrumental in public security, search and rescue, epidemic control, utility inspections, scientific research, maritime patrol, and the oil and gas sector, among others. Additionally, they play a role in emergency services, environmental conservation, and coastal defense.

At the core of Ziyan's technology are its proprietary air-ground-sea intelligent collaborative integration, moving base, and distributed swarm technologies. These form the hardware platform foundation for tactical applications, combined with edge computing AI and SAAS platforms. These integrations address critical IoT port decision-making and data applications, which are of utmost importance to users.

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October 3, 2014

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$ 2,000,000

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