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Integrated Asset Management Services, Data Infrastructure and Analysis, National High-Tech Enterprise, Diverse Financial Clientele, Innovative Platform Development, TechFin Technology Implementation

Xunce Tech, founded in 2016, has distinguished itself in China's asset management sector, buoyed by investments from notable firms such as PreAngel, Yunfeng Capital, Sinnovation Ventures, Tencent, Goldman Sachs, the Greater Bay Area Fund, and Resources Investment. As a leading developer and provider of integrated service platforms, Xunce specializes in comprehensive asset data and data infrastructure services. Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized, innovative enterprise in Shenzhen, Xunce also holds the status of a double-software enterprise and ranks among the top 100 unicorns in China's burgeoning new economy.

Positioned as a TechFin technology implementation PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider, Xunce excels in offering a suite of services that includes risk analysis, portfolio analysis, product operations, and transaction management. These services cater to a diverse array of asset management institutions, encompassing public funds, securities firms, insurance companies, trusts, private equity funds, bank asset management, and corporate finance companies.

Xunce's rise as an industry leader is marked by its cutting-edge technological solutions that streamline and enhance asset management processes. The company's commitment to innovation and excellence in financial technology has made it a pivotal player in transforming China's asset management landscape, offering sophisticated tools and analytics to a wide range of financial institutions. This integration of technology with finance positions Xunce at the forefront of the TechFin revolution, propelling the company towards a future of continued growth and industry leadership.

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Investment Date: 

November 1, 2016

Investing Valuation

$ 25,000,000

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