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Autonomous Driving

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Established in 2015, Westwell, a dynamic Chinese enterprise, has rapidly emerged as a 'Little Giant' in the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape. With an ambitious vision, Westwell is dedicated to leveraging the transformative power of AI to become a preeminent global force in delivering intelligent, sector-spanning services. At the heart of its philosophy is the mantra "From Human to Human," which reflects a deep commitment to developing intelligent solutions that prioritize sustainability and low-carbon footprints. This approach is central to Westwell's mission of enriching customer experiences through cutting-edge technology.

A standout example of Westwell's innovative prowess is its significant contributions to autonomous transportation. The company has notably made waves with its independently developed autonomous heavy trucks, leading the charge in the commercialization of autonomous vehicles and driving systems on a global scale. Westwell's portfolio in this arena is impressively diverse, encompassing a range of freight logistics applications, from seaports and dry ports to sophisticated manufacturing plant operations.

Westwell's global influence spans 18 countries and regions, underpinning its reputation as a trailblazer in the AI and autonomous vehicle sectors. Serving over 160 clients worldwide, the company's expansive reach is a testament to its leadership position in the market. Westwell’s relentless drive to innovate and apply AI in practical, everyday scenarios showcases its role as a vanguard in the seamless integration of AI technology into the fabric of modern logistics and transportation.

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Investment Date: 

March 9, 2015

Investing Valuation

$ 6,500,000

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