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Innovative Fitness Solutions, Wide Variety of Classes, Urban Lifestyle Brand, 24/7 Gymbox Concept, Pay-Per-Session Model, Technology-Integrated Fitness

SuperMonkey, a lifestyle brand established in 2014, is revolutionizing how fitness is integrated into daily life with its 'URBAN SPOT IN MOTION' initiative. With over 200 Group Class Studios across major Chinese cities, the brand offers a broad array of nearly 100 class types, including slimming, boxing, dance, yoga, pilates, and children's programs. This variety appeals to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts, and the studios operate without annual fees, adding to their accessibility. Classes are bookable through WeChat, providing the convenience of flexible, one-hour sessions with professional coaches in a dynamic setting enhanced by pop music and engaging lighting.

Adding to its offerings, SuperMonkey introduced the innovative Gymbox. This concept, which won the 2015 Shenzhen Creative Design Award, comprises 24/7 self-service facilities equipped with fitness equipment. They incorporate IoT and smart technology for personalized workouts. The Gymbox, designed for both indoor and outdoor setups, maintains high service standards and user management, reflecting SuperMonkey's commitment to innovative, independent fitness solutions.

Backed by notable investors like Sequoia China and the Yao Ming Fund, SuperMonkey has gained significant recognition in the fitness industry. Its philosophy of "pay-per-session, quality courses, professional coaches, and efficient joy" aims to ignite a passion for life in its clients. With a customer-centric approach, SuperMonkey is not just a fitness provider but a community builder, connecting individuals with spaces through content and technology. It fosters a healthy lifestyle community, inspiring more people to live healthy, radiant lives.

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Investment Date: 

December 18, 2014

Investing Valuation

$ 1,500,000

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