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Innovative Pet Technology, Animal Welfare Advocates, Smart Home Pet Products, Pioneering Pet Care Solutions, Pet Lifestyle Enhancements, User-Friendly Pet Gadgets

Founded in 2013 amidst the burgeoning wearable technology trend, PETKIT emerged from the ingenious minds of the Guo Brothers, then hardware engineers, who envisioned enhancing animal welfare through technology. Inspired by advancements in human technology, they pondered the potential of similar innovations for pets. Passionate about animals and experienced pet owners themselves, they recognized a significant gap in attention to pets' needs. This realization spurred them to leave their jobs and embark on a journey to revolutionize pet care and enrich the lives of pets and their owners.

Under the leadership of CEO Guo, PETKIT has addressed specific challenges faced by pet parents. For example, the dilemma of leaving pets at home without air conditioning during hot summers or ensuring their well-being during owners' travels. To tackle these issues, PETKIT pioneered the world's first air-conditioned pet house, a smart food feeder, and a smart water fountain. These innovations marked the beginning of a series of groundbreaking products, each year bringing something new to redefine the pet care experience.

PETKIT stands at the forefront of the pet technology industry, continuously evolving and adapting. The company's commitment to improving pets' lives while easing the responsibilities of pet ownership reflects its core mission. PETKIT's journey from a bold idea to a leading pet tech brand exemplifies its dedication to creating a better, more connected world for pets and their parents.

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Investment Date: 

November 1, 2013

Investing Valuation

$ 1,500,000

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