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Integrated Online-Offline Healthcare, Innovative Internet Hospital, Multidisciplinary Medical Platform, Technology-Driven Patient Care, Expansive Healthcare Network in China, Pioneer in Disease Management Standards

Medlinker, founded in 2014, has emerged as a prominent internet hospital in China, backed by investments from leading capital firms such as Sequoia China, Tencent, and China Biopharmaceuticals. The company's vision is to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of high-quality medical services for patients, creating an integrated healthcare ecosystem that combines online and offline services. It's driven by the ambitious goal to "extend human health span by one year."

Online, Medlinker boasts a robust platform that consolidates diverse medical resources across various specialties, such as infectious, circulatory, endocrine, autoimmune, neurological, gynecological, urogenital diseases, cancer, respiratory ailments, and mental health. The company has developed multidisciplinary disease management standards and has been a pioneer in fostering consensus among medical experts.

Offline, Medlinker extends its reach through the establishment of Future Doctor stores and a network of general and specialized centers, corporate clinics, and community healthcare services, with a presence in multiple cities across China.

In response to the dynamic medical needs of the population, Medlinker is committed to enhancing the role of technology in healthcare, serving patients with innovative solutions, and actively contributing to the advancement and transformation of China's health industry.

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Investment Date: 

May 1, 2014

Investing Valuation

$ 1,500,000

Investment Multiple:


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