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Blockchain-Enabled Fintech, Cross-Border Payment Solutions, Smart Contract Innovator, On-Chain Credit Platform, High-Performance Receivables Management, Strategic Risk Management, Global Capital Integration, co-founded by Erbil Karaman and Richard Liu, is redefining the landscape of private credit as an on-chain credit platform where high-performing receivables meet global capital. This fintech company, deeply rooted in blockchain and smart contract technologies, offers a pioneering approach to finance, particularly in facilitating real-time international bank transfers as a third-party service provider.

Erbil Karaman, a key figure in the Turkish tech sphere, brings to the table his significant experience from his tenure at Facebook, where he was instrumental in the platform's exponential user growth. He also founded, a testament to his innovative approach in the tech industry. Richard Liu, a Tsinghua University alumnus, with a strong background at Google, adds immense value to with his technical and managerial expertise.'s business model is compelling, with its ability to offer instant cross-border payments through smart contracts, charging a fee that yields over 15% in annualized returns. Their operational strategies are well-crafted, maintaining a bad debt ratio under 1%, a reflection of their robust risk management techniques.

Since its launch, Huma has rapidly scaled, facilitating more than $10M in loans per month. The company's financial health is underscored by successful funding rounds, a low burn rate, and a solid runway for sustained growth.

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Investment Date: 

December 1, 2023

Investing Valuation

$ 60,000,000

Investment Multiple:


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