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Autonomous Driving

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Hesai Technology, trading as HSAI on the Nasdaq, is a leader in the 3D light detection and ranging (lidar) industry. Based in Shanghai, Hesai specializes in lidar technology, which is essential in fields like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for both consumer and commercial vehicles, autonomous driving, and robotics, including delivery drones and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

A key to Hesai's success is its integrated approach to manufacturing, research and development (R&D), and design. This strategy allows for the rapid development of high-quality, cost-effective products. The company's commitment to R&D is evident in its workforce, with over 70% of its 1,000+ employees focusing on R&D and manufacturing engineering. Their expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software is reflected in Hesai's extensive patent portfolio, boasting 400 granted and 800 pending patents. This innovation-centric approach has positioned Hesai at the forefront of lidar technology.

Hesai's global footprint extends to major tech centers like Palo Alto and Stuttgart, enabling service to clients in over 90 cities across 40 countries. Its dominance in the automotive lidar market is recognized by the Yole Group, which named Hesai the top automotive lidar company for two consecutive years, highlighting its leadership and excellence in the sector.

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June 15, 2014

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$ 8,200,000

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