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Bin Wu

吴彬 Wu Bin, an early internet entrepreneur, co-founded VIPshop (NYSE: VIPS) and established companies like Hangzhou Colorful and Silkrib Sleep Technology. He launched Daocin Capital in 2015, specializing in early-stage investments. Recognized as a leading angel investor, Wu Bin ranks among the top 100 investors in China's investment community.


In the realm of early-stage equity investment, Wu Bin, co-founder and original shareholder of Vipshop, has made a remarkable impact in the industry with his investment firm, Daocin Capital. Established in 2015, Daocin Capital has focused on angel round, Pre-A round, and A round investments, with keen attention to areas like consumer goods, digital economy, high-end equipment manufacturing, and applications based on 5G and big data.

A seasoned investor with a keen eye, Wu Bin's entry into the realm of investment began with a personal investment in Vipshop. It is reported that, alongside co-founders Shen Ya and Hong Xiaobo, Wu Bin, and two other partners raised 30 million yuan as seed capital. But the pay off was astounding. By 2014, Vipshop, which listed in the United States in 2012 at an initial price of just 6.50 US dollars, peaked at 200 US dollars per share. The return on Wu Bin's investment was at least a thousand-fold, making him a heavy-hitter within the investment sector. 

Wu Bin's investment opinions are also noteworthy. He tends to avoid investing in founders with questionable moral character, lack of risk management abilities, and those not fully committed to their business. This scrutiny suggests his depth of understanding in running successful ventures. 

Daocin capital, under the leadership of Wu Bin, has backed numerous startups such as Light and Easy, Yun Learning, and Xiaodian Technology. The new fund's cornerstone investor is Mr. Wu Bin himself, marking continued support from state-backed funds in Zhejiang province and the Hangzhou city.

In an ever-challenging environment, Wu Bin has managed to share crucial insights on the opportunities in cross-border e-commerce ecosystems during club meetings and anniversary celebrations. He sees potential in China's cross-border e-commerce sector, despite its short developmental period.

Overall, Wu Bin's journey, from being the co-founder of Vipshop and making a seismic personal investment, to pioneering technological innovation investments through Daocin Capital, illustrates his impressive standing in the world of investment and his commitment to cultivating the future of industry. His foresight is potent, with his resources proving instrumental, even as he maintains a low profile.

Daocin Capital

Daocin Capital, established in 2015 by Wu Bin, a founding shareholder of VIPshop, is an early-stage equity investment firm dedicated to value-driven investing with a human touch. Focusing on angel, Pre-A, and Series A rounds, it targets sectors such as consumer goods, digital economy, advanced manufacturing, mobile internet and big data applications enhanced by 5G.

Registered with the Asset Management Association of China in October 2017, Daocin manages four RMB funds with over 100 investments to date. Star projects include VIPshop, Easy Fundraising, Dobot, and Yeelight, among others.

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